NO THING, A Sailor's Enlightenment

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I spent six years sailing around the world between June 2013 and June 2019. I learned to: be fearless, trust myself, think positive, endure misery, cope with living at the edge of life and death, and more. It is with great consciousness that I share those moments. During my whole life I have been transforming dreams into reality; at first I did so intuitively. Later, I followed a pattern described in this book that enabled me to bring forth my dreams into this world that we conduct our daily lives. The circumnavigation proved once more that such a pattern exists, as does my whole life revealed in this autobiography.
During the journey an enlightenment came to me about how we could change the way we conduct life on Earth. I finally understood what spirit was and that home is in the No Thing (nothing).
I am not looking for success or riches. I remain humble and intent on sharing the following thoughts with those who are ready to think outside the box and make changes to their lives.
Werner Gysi


This movie was taken in Madagascar.