Harmonic Farming: Homesteading, the next best book after Harmonic Farming: a love style, by Werner Gysi

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The Gysis have provided food for themselves and local farmer’s makets for over 30 years. This second and thoroughly revised edition is an extensive and more condensed version of their experiences. It is for the beginner as much a for the advanced gardener or small scale farmer and provides the most comprehensive information. 

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This is a delightful homestead book that is both practical and inspirational. The inspiration centers on a philosophy, which the author calls Harmonic Farming, that most Countrysiders will be both familiar and comfortable with. In fact, for those who aren’t quite sure what “homesteading” is, even the inspirational parts might be practical.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal, Medford, WI

This book replaces the previous version called Harmonic Farming: a love style by the same author.