Harmonic Farming: Bees

Werner Gysi has kept bees for over 30 years. He believes that a return to sustainable methods in beekeeping may b the only way to ensure survival of bees and the plants and ecosystems that depend on them. 

This comprehensive compilation of Werner’s experiences will serve both as a manual for beginning beekeepers and a reference guide for advanced beekeepers whho wish to practice ecologically responsible beekeeping, using a holistic approach rather than chemical treatments.

With over 70 illustrations and an extensive index, Harmonic Farming: Bees transforms a complex subject into an easy to understand undertaking. Topics covered are the use of natural remedies, integrated Pest Management, Sustainable Mite Control, breeding, hive construction, wax recycling, foundation building, cost analysis, and more. As timing is crucial in beekeeping, Werner refers to “natural pointers” to predict bee behaviour and in turn, precise management of colonies.

“Start as you mean to go on… Harmonic Farming: Bees is at the forefront of the emerging low-stress, low-input sustainable beekeeping movement. A super step-by-step reference guide for beginners wanting to keep honey bees using an organic approach to integrated pest management. And an informative read for lon-time beekeepers wanting to challenge and perhaps change their ways.

Thanks Werner for leading the way!”

Diane Dunaway, Editor, BeesCene magazine

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