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    From Manuscript To Sales
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Book layout, Production, Marketing, Distribution
    As a distributor Werner Gysi deals with independent bookstores as well as chain stores such as Chapters every day. The manual will, in a condensed form, explain how to produce your new book so it stands up to the requirements of this market and elaborates on distribution avenues and their benefits. This manual will save you many hours of research and points out the pit-falls as well as how to make money with your writing. Since Werner's first book release in 1995 he has independently published several titles.
Below is an outline of the manual. Click on pdf logo me to print or save the outline.

-How does it all fit together?
-What the author needs to know
-What the author should get paid for
-The basic components involved in writing a book
-What makes a book appear professional?
-Requirements other than manuscript and cover
-Production avenues
-Where do I sell my book?
-Types of marketing tools
-Why should I use a distributor?
-Distribution avenues
-Cost analysis for the different avenues