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Gooly Mooly (1982)

      Gooly Mooly Publishing is a sole proprietorship registered in B.C. Since 1995. We carry non fiction books as well as novels, poetry and some fiction but are open to other submissions, particularly if it contains local interest (B.C. & Alberta).
Our philosophy is to support a diverse and decentralized retail channel, something that has diminished since our inception. We are able to offer such a distribution to independent authors, most residing in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.
We believe that there is just no better feeling for an avid book lover than to sit tucked away in a cozy corner of a store and to review a story that a local author likes to share.
      The first publication called Harmonic Farming: a love style was published and distributed by Gooly Mooly Publishing (GMP) in 1995 and sold over 2500 copies during its life cycle. A completely revised re-print is now available under the title Harmonic Farming: Homesteading and the title Harmonic Farming: Bees is on the market since March 2011.

      We carry shipping charges within Canada (and for some publications reduced charges for destinations outside Canada) no matter from whom you buy our books or CDs. You can also order our products on this site by using a credit card or PayPal.

      Please contact us if you like to use our Decentralized Distribution System to get your books to the readers.

      The name Gooly Mooly was coined when Werner, the founder of Gooly Mooly Publishing, and their family moved onto the acreage in the Shuswap. While clearing some land Werner encountered a particularly stubborn tree root. As he struggled with it he said, “This is a real Gooly Mooly”. The children were delighted with the phrase and the root is still on display at the farm. In Swiss “Guli” means a hole or worse a manure pit; “Muuli” means to argue, to talk back, and in context it meant “arguing out of the stinky hole”. In order to pronounce the words properly in English, we decided to write it as Gooly Mooly. That's how the farm became the Gooly Mooly Art Farm. When the first book came to market the company's name became Gooly Mooly Publishing.