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Werner 2009
Werner skiing

     Werner, born in 1949 and educated as an Electronic Engineer in Switzerland, took on a position as a teacher at the Indian Institute Of Science in Bangalore before immigrating to Canada in 1981. After living 14 years off the land he decided to share his experience and published the book Harmonic Farming: a love style in 1995. In the same year he was invited to a one-hour interview on CBC National radio.

      During his position as a science teacher at a private boarding school in Montreux, Switzerland, and being an avid hiker by exploring the nearby mountains, he found enough time to compile his second book A Family Of Six At Sea in 2009. March 2010 marked the launch of his next release, Harmonic Farming: Homesteading, a complete revision of his first book but with the information about bees compiled in a seperate volume and released in March of 2011 with the title Harmonic Farming: Bees. Werner acquired his Beesmasters Certificate in advanced beekeeping at SFU, Vancouver, in 1988.
Besides playing the guitar, homesteading and looking after bees, he takes time to go sailing. Werner enjoys tutoring grade 10 to 12 students in science and math to help them along in school. Recently he became an amateur radio operator in preparation for another kick at the bucket. He plans another sailing trip to take place around 2014.

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