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Photo by Mike Wakefield


Illustrator Alex Walton

Sandy Stern is a children's entertainer and educator that starred as the first teacher on the long-running Canadian children's educational TV program, Romper Room. Since then, and for over eighteen years, she has worked at many television stations and has written and performed in several programs--including TV Partytime, which ran for four years.

     Additionally, Stern has spent many years working on an endangered species project for children called "Friendimals," or "Endangered Friends," through which she teaches children about animals by employing books, stories, and songs. At the heart of this program is her ultimate goal--using knowledge to help shape children's ability to respect and befriend our world's eclectic array of animal inhabitants.

     Stern has taken several safaris in Africa and trips to the Galapagos to further research this project--and is a current member of several animal rights' and animal protection groups.

     In Ori Tang, Stern employs the orangutan as the flagship creature for her cause. Chosen because orangutans are highly endangered, endearing, and slightly similar to humans in appearance and intelligence, Ori Tang's adorable adventures will educate children on the creature's habits as well as the dangerous global changes that the animal kingdom is facing.

     Stern, whose feet, according to her friends, are "firmly planted in the air," spends half of her time living in British Columbia, Canada, and half of her time in Ecuador. She is happily married to a sea captain, and lives with a flat coat retriever named Indy. She expects to continue fighting human and animal suffering for a long time to come.

Alex Walton - Illustrator

I am thrilled to have award-winning artist, Alex Walton, as my illustrator. Besides doing the wonderful artwork for THE MISADVENTURES OF ORI TANG, Alex has created whimsical and enchanting illustrations for many well known authors. Alex is working with me on future books. He has a great website - go see it!