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Illustrator Tanya

     'I AM AMAZING!' is Patricia's first children's book. She moved to Salmon Arm from Alberta in 1997. Retired in 2008, she enjoyed her 30 year career as an educator/counselor which began in 1968, working in Alberta, BC, Yukon and N.W.T. In her view every person is amazing at his or her essence, and each has tremendous potential which can be realized. Family and friends and hundreds of people whom she has met throughout the years confirm this belief.
Her mother, Rosamond Wilson, wrote the first stanza of the poem, "I am Happy Being Me!" when she was almost 95 years old!
Patricia published a second book, My Magical Night Mare, in October 2012. It is beautifully illustrated by March Hutchinson, born and raised in interior British Columbia.

Tanya L. Harrington, Illustrator

Born and raised in Salmon Arm, Tanya has been teaching/counseling at Salmon Arm Secondary for 15 years. As a counselor, Tanya was inspired by the text of "I AM AMAZING!" and the psychology behind how repeated positive language can help change one's self-esteem. The illustrations evolved from a style called 'Painting with Angels' whereby the artist allows images to emerge from shapes seen in the background paint. The images are then highlighted to bring them into the forefront. There is a deep feeling that what is meant to emerge from the canvas will come forth thus reflecting the spirit and intentions of both the author and the artist.

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