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     Gerty Shipmaker is a freelance writer living in the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia. Born in Chilliwack, B.C., one of five children, she moved with her brand new husband to the Kooteneys when she was just twenty years old. There she gave birth to her four children and just about the time they could all ski faster than her, they moved to Enderby in the Okanagan. She home-schooled those four children for eleven years and began writing seriously, yet not seriously at all, the year after her husband left her for a man. She has been writing ever since. She writes from a perspective that nothing can happen in life that you canít just laugh at. Whether it be joining a womenís hockey team to understand her sonís passion for the sport or navigating the teenage hormonal years of hell on her own, she writes to see the funny side of everything.
     Gertyís column won the Bronze Columnist Award at the 2006 Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards and was syndicated shortly thereafter. Her stories have appeared in newspapers across Canada and in magazines such as MORE and Beyond Ordinary Living. She has since married again and has had the added blessing of two more children and, of course, much more writing material (think gay husband versus redneck husband and you will understand the humour). To read more about her publication Till Gay Do Us Part click here.

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